Make Light Work of Needle Work with a Kneeling Chair

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Quilting, tapestry and needlework are age old traditions on both sides of the Atlantic. Almost always undertaken by women, this traditional skill shows no signs of fading away as groups of friends all get together to make a large American quilt, or complete smaller tapestry or needle point projects alone. Although the designs are rich and infinitely varied, the tools and techniques remain largely unchanged for a great number of years. One thing which is also very common amongst lovers of tapestry, quilting and needlecraft in general is the aching back as the task encourages one to lean forward and stoop as they work.


In recent years however, scientists, psychologists, engineers and industrial designers have been taking a closer look at the way humans interact with their tools and hence, the science of ergonomics was born. For needle workers, this has led to the use of a kneeling chair coupled with a tapestry or quilting stand to allow them to work on their tapestries or quilts without compromising their posture in the process. A tapestry stand is a wooden frame into which the fabric can be held taut to ease the process of embroidery, tapestry or any other aspect of point needlework.


Kneeling chairs can be fitted with a specialist tapestry or quilting stand which fits directly on to the kneeling chair. This allows one to sit in a posture friendly position without feeling the need to bend, lean or stoop as the tapestry stand can be easily adjusted to bring the work closer to the worker and not the other way around. As this type of craft requires a keen eye for detail coupled with a highly dexterous hand, users of the kneeling chair coupled with the attachable tapestry or quilting stand have found that they can work for much longer periods of time before taking a break then they could when using a standard chair which meant hey would have to stoop and twist and bend in order to complete the task in hand.


Kneeling chairs are also popular in the office environment where staff seldom get the opportunity to leave their desks since the paperwork which was once passed by hand is now delivered electronically. The simple fact of the matter is that if your job or hobby requires sitting for long periods of time, then trying one of the many designs of kneeling chairs is highly advisable. They can also come with a lap top table in place of the tapestry stand, making it incredibly versatile for office workers and hobbyists alike. 

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Make Light Work of Needle Work with a Kneeling Chair

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Make Light Work of Needle Work with a Kneeling Chair

This article was published on 2012/02/10